Monday, February 5, 2018

Big Changes for Astarte and Crew

There hasn't been a log entry for a long time. Why? Because there have been big changes afoot (or afloat) aboard Astarte and for the crew.

When we arrived in New Zealand in November 2017, we made a huge decision. We decided it was time to take on a new adventure. We had nine years of the full time cruising life aboard a very good yacht. Astarte took very good care of us and we enjoyed our time on our floating home. After a really rough trip from Fiji to New Zealand and looking ahead to some big expenses aboard (new standing rigging), we decided it was time to move off the water and come up with something new in our lives.

We put Astarte on the market. Pricing her to sell quickly – that is exactly what happened...much quicker than we had anticipated. The new owner is a resident of New Zealand that we had met several years ago and again this past year in Fiji. He already owned a boat, but was looking for something slightly larger and the Moody brand was on his list.

We reconnected and made a deal. He gets a great boat, well-equipped at a great price. We got a good buyer who was easy to deal with and fair and honest in all dealings. We are happy that Astarte is being handed over to someone who will care for her and continue to sail her. We think he'll keep the name.

So we are officially homeless. Yes, we still have a house in Florida, but that is currently rented. Barbara left New Zealand in December to head to the Boston area to help care for her mother and spend some time with her. Michael had to deal with all the sorting out of what to keep, what to sell, what to give away and what stays aboard. After nine years – even in a small space – it was amazing what how much stuff we had! We got a small storage unit in New Zealand and started boxing up stuff. Where it will go is still up in the air.

Last weekend, there was a big nautical flea market in Whangarei that Michael took a lot of stuff to. The hospice thrift store has been the beneficiary of many, many bags and boxes of stuff; and fellow boating friends have benefited from bargains or gifts.

We've enjoyed our time aboard. We've been to nearly 30 countries aboard Astarte – some multiple times. We have met incredible people aboard other boats and in villages and towns. We have experienced music and dance and cultures from incredible places. We've made lifelong friends.

It has been a great run (or sail) and we will have a lifetime of good memories. What next? Stay tuned.