Friday, July 8, 2011

Morning Trivia

We've talked about the morning radio nets a few times. Here in the Bocas archipelago the morning net has the typical information – weather, emergencies, buying and selling of boat bits as well as the local community announcements (mostly restaurant specials and music with the occasional movie, garden club event or fire dance). But here, there is also a morning trivia game. The crew of Astarte have recently been pretty good at coming up with the answers. The questions are quite interesting as well as some fun facts that are shared as well. The last few days have been filled with pirate trivia – today's included one about a pirate leader trying to settle his men down and did that, by importing a bunch of French women to marry them off. There was also an interesting fact about the year 2011. July has five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays (this happens once in something like 800 years); there is the 1/1/11, 11/11/11 and if you add your age and the last two digits of your birth year, it will add up to 111.

We are about to tie up to the dock tomorrow and get the last minute preps to the boat done before we head off. That means getting the water maker pickled, all thru-hulls closed, the freezer and refrigerator emptied and cleaned, everything off the decks and stored, all the last minute cleaning, and wash done, and, all the garbage packed up and hauled off. Then on Monday we leave for Bocas Town and on Tuesday we leave for Almirante and then Panama City. We're giving ourselves a few days in Panama City as a safety and we need to go to the US Embassy as Michael needs more pages in his passport. Hopefully we can get that done there quickly- though we know it will be an adventure – it always is!

So we are in the finally preps – its hot and sticky – but we're checking things off the list to get ready.

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