Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Dogs. No Cats. No Chickens.

We left the land life and are back on the water. We survived our "house, animal and plant sitting" experience and left everything alive and well fed and watered. We did manage to get some big boat projects completed while on land – taking advantage of the space and the available water (and washing machine.) We did some major "fall" cleaning of curtains, cushion covers and beach towels. We also took our canvas bimini off and washed it and water-proofed it so now it doesn't rain IN the cockpit (whooppee). We got our rain gear all cleaned up as well.

So with the cleaning projects and the entertainment responsibilities of "Cyndie's Casa" we survived. And we're glad to be back on Astarte.

We left Tierra Oscura on Friday morning to get back to Bocas Town. Bocas Marina was celebrating its tenth anniversary and hosted a large marine flea market on Saturday morning. We had stuff to get rid of and perhaps things to buy. We managed to sell the suitcase that came back with us from the states and some books and charts. Unfortunately a few items came back aboard with us including our folding bicycle. We've carried it with us since Feb. 2009 and never used it. So we decided it was taking up way too much room and needs to go. But it seems no other boater wanted it it came back with us. Getting rid of the suitcase (which we bought at Goodwill) was good. A local bought it.

The festivities of the anniversary celebration continued all day with a seminar from the "Floating Doctors" on CPR and first aid at sea; live music, booths with local crafts including organic locally made chocolate from one of the Indian villages on the mainland. Of course we needed some of that!

Lots of boating friends were around so it was a fun day ending with a few beers before making it back to the boat just before a big storm hit. The storm meant that the fireworks were cancelled – bummer (but mabe tonight!)

This afternoon Is Sunday dominoes at the Calypso Cantina and Barbara has to go and defend her title.

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