Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anaho, Nuku Hiva

We continue to explore the Marquesan island of Nuku Hiva. Yesterday, we motor-sailed around the island to the northeast corner and the bay of Anaho. This is a very pretty spot where you can tuck away in a corner amongst some reef patches and get a relatively calm anchorage despite being on the windward side of the island. There are pretty sandy beaches, clear water (so you can swim) and the dramatic hilly landscape. There are lots of turtles around and they don't seem very shy. One big one comes up a lot and gets quite close to the boat. They are always great to watch.

We came in a little after noon and there were two boats anchored here already, but we found a nice spot. Our friends on Chapter Two told us to anchor in at least 40 feet of water to avoid getting wrapped on coral heads, so we did just that. It was a hot and sunny day so we got in the water immediately for some much needed cooling and hull cleaning.

We invited the two other boats here over for some sundowners and had an interesting evening meeting four new folks. One boat, Gaku is a Japanese boat from Kochi, Japan with Mayumi and Yoshihisa aboard, They speak very good English and they sailed from Japan to Port Rupert, Canada taking 50 days in what sounded like rough seas. And we thought we had a bad 35 day trip! It does put things in perspective. The other boat, Aka, was built and launched in St. Petersburg, FL though Ed and Fran are from Hawaii. Ed and Fran have been cruising the South Pacific for many years so had lots of great info. As usual it was a fun evening of learning, hearing stories and making new friends.

Today is get Michael up the mast day for some repairs. Hopefully it will be flat enough to do that so he doesn't swing from too badly. He'll be up there awhile.

This is one of the prettiest anchorages we've seen and not a bad place to sit if we have to wait for a weather window to the Tuomotus. Though there may be one this coming weekend.

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