Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ia Ora, Ia Ora Na

That's the Tahitian greeting for "hello/welcome." "Ia ora, Ia ora na" Richard (Soby). He made it to Tahiti after a rocky start and an LA connection that involved having him paged at the airport because it was so tight. That also meant no stop at the "duty free" shop for boat "beverages." But he did arrive bright and early on Wednesday morning. He cabbed to the marina where we would meet him and somehow he missed us and we missed him as he drove through the front gate. So he got dropped off at the docks and we finally connected. The bad news, he had no luggage – it was somehow lost in transit. So no "Christmas" aboard Astarte (yet.) Luckily he did pack some shorts and comfortable shirt in his carry on bag.

We got to the boat by 0630 and enjoyed some breakfast (pain de chocolate (chocolate croissant) and pamplemousse (local giant grapefruit). 22 hours he kept going all day long without a nap! We did a short walk around the area (to pick up our propane tank, some more fresh veggies and cash). Lunch and dinner aboard Astarte (including a local tuna caught by Michael). Astarte rum punches and then an early bedtime for the entire crew (after a last minute luggage check).

Hope the luggage gets here today – because tomorrow (Friday) is sign up day for the Tahiti to Moorea boat rally.

It's great having our guest!

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