Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Check out the new (and not so new) pictures. We finally are connected to internet (albeit a slow connection) here in Neiafu. So we have been able to post some photos from past places including some cool pics of manta rays in Suwarrow (courtesy of Jan Bart from "Victory.")

We spent several great days in Port Maurelle on a mooring ball. We snorkeled and also managed to get a lot of projects completed. Michael sewed a new cover for our small gas can, repaired our dodger window zipper and built some new velcro ties. We also socialized a lot, enjoying a dinner aboard "Chapter Two" with Mike and Karen and lots of beach bonfires with all the boats in the anchorage.

It was a really lovely location where we even saw some whales in the distance. Entertainment was daily as boats came and went. We did miss a big beach event one night (while aboard Chapter Two) – one of the mega sailing yachts hosted a dinner on shore for whomever came in to the beach. They served up steaks, champagne, wine, salads and all types of treats. Oh well – we still had a blast and over-consumed with Mike and Karen!

We are now back in the town to use some internet, make some phone calls and get some stuff together for our next stop in New Zealand. The Vava'u Regatta begins on Saturday and we will stick around for that fun!

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