Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

We have already entered the New Year of 2013 here in New Zealand. So "Happy New Year " to you all as you cross over to 2013 soon. We did it quietly in Orakawa Bay at anchor. This is a large bay that gets packed almost every night with New Zealand boats - both power yachts and sailboats. Then in the daytime, many leave and they or others come back late in the day to anchor up again. It is quite entertaining to watch the comings and going of all the boats. Well yesterday, all 100 boats left because the wind shifted to the south - though it was a relatively light breeze and still quite protected in the bay. Many of the boats left for a day of fishing, scalloping, sailing or visiting another spot in the Bay of Islands. Others simply headed just across this bay to Opunga Cove where, by evening, we could see over 60 boats in a tight area. In the cove nearby there were another dozen or so boats. We were alone with one other sailboat in Orakawa and the wind died so it was very pleasant. As midnight approached several fireworks were set off from the boats. It looked like a city - with all the boat lights. Then at midnight, horns blared and fireworks lit up the sky from the beaches and the boats. It was quite a display and we had front row seats. So welcome to a New Year and we hope that it will be a great one for each and everyone of you.

The weather finally has changed to "long periods of fine" as they say in NZ. The remnants of Cyclone Evan are gone and the "ridge" that followed it, has also passed over our area. Now the skies are sunny and clear though the southerly breeze is a bit chilly. Through Christmas and the following several days it was very windy, very rainy and quite grey and dismal. We were locked in and doing a fair amount of internet work and calling trying to help as much as we could with Michael's mom's death. Thanks to Derek and our relatives in Eugene for handling the major portion. We will head back at the end of January for the memorial. It was a sad end to the year.

Now we prepare the boat for the arrival of our most frequent boating guests Dave and Lorna. They come loaded with parts and bits. It is a long flight for them and we appreciate their coming. So we are cleaning the boat top to bottom inside, out and underneath (though that is a cold endeavor in these chilly waters). It will be nice having them here. We also are in the process of finding a place to leave the boat for our trip back to the states at the end of the month. This is still what is called "silly season" here - the NZ summer and holidays - so finding a marina is near impossible. Most are filled and they tell you to call closer to the date of arrival - which makes planning quite difficult.

We are in the New Year and we wish health, love and adventure for each of you.

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