Friday, October 11, 2013

Taking Off from Tuvalu; Destination: Tarawa, Kiribati

We are leaving the small, but lovely, island nation of Tuvalu today (Saturday, October 12) after a great four week stay in the Funafuti Atoll. We have a 740 mile Pacific Passage to another small island nation of Kiribati. This trip will take us across the equator again and back into the northern hemisphere. Tarawa lies about 2 degrees north of the equator. The passage will probably take us a long time as the winds are currently predicted to be light – especially starting in a few days and the direction a bit northerly (the direction we are headed). But we'll start with a few good days of sailing and the weather predictions seem to change daily – so who knows what it will be out there. We just hope nothing big and ugly. The intertropical convergence zone keeps moving around so it's hard to predict.

We are getting the boat ready (packing everything away and tying things down) so we can get through the pass at slack tide around 1130. We will do a longer log entry later about our last week in Tuvalu which was great fun including a motorbike tour of the island; watching weather balloons launch; meeting NZ Met Service tech Nick: and the bank ID story.

Hope we have a good passage...goodbye Tuvalu – it was fun!

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