Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from The Republic of the Marshall Islands

It is already Thursday, November 28 here in the Majuro, so today is Thanksgiving Day. Though not an official Marshall Island holiday, there are enough Americans here to celebrate the day in a traditional style. We will be sharing a potluck meal with probably about 40 people from cruising boats, live-aboard boats and area homes. The Mieco Beach Yacht Club hosts the potluck by providing the turkeys (volunteers are cooking them) as well as the US Ambassador pays for one as well. All the side dishes are provided by the guests. It will take place in a very traditional thatched roofed building. We'll be bringing some homemade pumpkin pies as our contribution.

Thanksgiving is a time when we get to reflect on how grateful we are to be living this lifestyle. Thanks go to all our land-based support team. Carol, Barbara's sister, handles a lot for us and we are exceedingly grateful. Derek, Michael's brother did that tedious chore for years as well – so another thanks to him. Mom is always there with her unending love and prayers – thank you for that. And then our friend Sandy who always offers to mail things or pack things or handle things for us – we are so grateful. Kathryn and Mark are always on hand to offer fisheries advice and identifications as well as internet shopping support. Richard, Barbara's brother and Matt on Superted V are invaluable with engineering advice, opinions and support. Sandy from Gypsy Heart has helped us save a computer or two and certainly has saved headaches. Tom and his "espousa" - the sail he managed to schlepp to the boat. And we'll apologize, because in our declining years, we're certain we've forgotten someone who did very important things for us!

There is a long list of friends who have made our life out here more fun, festive and wacky – from sundowners and dinners to mahjohng and games – thank you. From all over the world, you have opened our eyes to many new things and we much appreciate it. And we have to thank all our shore friends/colleagues and beloved log readers...thanks for all the notes, comments and just sharing our adventure. We hear from some of you and not much from others – but we know you are with us. A special shout out to loyal log followers who we do hear from regularly - Matt and Jen, Nina and Kenny, Jim E., Junab, Deanna and Kurban and trivia buffs Barbara and George.
Many, many thanks to our visitors over the years. You have brought joy to us as we shared our adventure with you. You dished out some cash for the trips and made big efforts to get to strange places. You also had to bring a lot of other crap as part of the deal...for that we are also grateful. We hope Dave and Lorna get their sixth frequent visitor stamp soon.

Thanks to our Florida neighbors – for keeping an eye on things and staying in touch.

We always need stuff and because big stores are usually not readily available where we are – we depend on the internet and vendors to help us. A special shout out to a few whose service has been outstanding and who stand by their product. It may have taken us a few e-mails to make it clear where we were and what we're doing...but these folks have come through. Sheri from Transatlantic Diesel is a genius when it comes to our old Perkins...she is a joy to talk to and knows her stuff...she is a legend out here and we thank her for helping us get old "Carl" (Perkins 4-108) his needed bits and parts. And speaking of "Carl", thanks again to NZ mechanic Kim Osborne who put lots of time and care in getting the engine humming. Depco Pumps knows their stuff and their website with old manuals is a lifesaver. Companies that have proved first hand that they stand by their product and warranties include: Gill rain gear (which we just bought more); West Marine; and Keene Shoes. And finally there is Amazon – simply amazing customer service – thank you.

Many thanks to Cheryl Schmidt, John Houser, Sara Malone, Rob Moeller, Bill Bass and all the many others who help us by doing their jobs so well – and that keeps us from worrying too much out here.
So we are a thankful twosome. And today is the best day to say it here.

We are also thankful we have each other.

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