Monday, February 24, 2014


It has been quite awhile since we've posted on our log. We apologize. So a brief step back as to what has kept us from posting! Dave and Lorna came for their annual January visit and we enjoyed their company again sailing around the Majuro Atoll. We had a fabulous adventure on the traditional outrigger canoes that are amazing boats. Pictures are posted to so go along for the ride! At the end of January they departed as did Barbara. Barbara spent some special time in Hawaii with good friends Linda and Dave before heading to see her mom in Massachusetts. It was a blizzard-filled time in the area with four snow events during the two plus weeks of time there. She got some exercise shoveling and remembering why we are "latitude limited." It was great seeing everyone and spending time with her mom, sister, brother-in-law, nephews and niece who traveled up for a visit as well. Between snowstorms, she managed to pick up some boat parts and supplies and spend enjoyable time with friends Nina and Kenny. She returned to Astarte where Michael had been exceedingly busy varnishing, replacing hose in the head, and doing lots of fix-up projects between rainstorms. The boat looked terrific and the reunion was wonderful.

Now we are back and still waiting for a few parts to arrive. The repaired (hopefully) SSB radio arrived yesterday, but unfortunately ICOM failed to put in one critical connection that is needed to re-install. So we are waiting again for that bit to get here...bummer. The replaced camera from Pentax hasn't yet arrived either and we want that before we leave. So we wait and visit the post office daily to see if anything has arrived. The good news is that the weather is quite comfortable out on the boat. There is a steady breeze that keeps things cool enough though the sun gets hot when the breeze dies or we are in town. We'll hopefully head out to some of the outer Majuro islands as we wait for parts – it's a good place to get into the water and the waterline definitely needs another cleaning.

Once all the parts are in and we are stocked up with food, we'll head out to some of the outer atolls for a month or so to do some exploring. All our friends who've headed out have reported that the outer islands are lovely.

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