Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the News

He's a "Page Two" guy. Michael's photo appeared today in the Marshall Islands Journal newspaper and he wasn't even arrested! The newspaper ran our story about the "message in a bottle" we found on Ailuk and ran two photos with the piece. This is the second piece we've had printed in the newspaper – the first being an article and photo from Liberation Day in Ailuk that we submitted. Now that we are known – we better get out of town! And that's what we're getting ready to do.

This week, we've been getting the boat prepped for the next long passage. We've done some provisioning, laundry, fueling, mailing, engine checking, cleaning and organizing. That's in between some entertaining and being entertained with pizza night, cards, and dinners aboard and at other boats. It's always hard saying good-bye to friends we've had now for more than a few years. Some folks are staying here, some heading north and others heading south – but to various locations – Fiji, Solomons, Australia. A few, like us, are heading towards Vanuatu (with a stop in Tuvalu).

Weather looks like it might be settling a bit early next week – so by mid week, we're thinking we can clear out of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and start our 1000 mile trek south. In the meantime, we'll enjoy the company of our friends and get all our internet, mailing and shopping done while we're in the last "city" for awhile. We still also have to get in the water and clean the bottom and check the prop...perhaps we'll head to the island a few hours away to get that done because the water is much cleaner.

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