Friday, May 23, 2014


After 24 days, we completed the 1500 mile trip from Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands to Luganville, Espiritu Santo, in Vanuatu. We probably covered more than 1800 miles having to tack into head winds or drift (sometimes backwards) on the days without a wisp of air across the decks. But we made it. The last few days were great sailing though hard on the wind – so it was life at an angle.

We entered the harbour here on the island of Espiritu Santo at sunrise on Friday, May 23. We anchored and immediately got to work unpacking the dinghy, inflating it, launching it and getting to shore to go to customs, quarantine/biosecurity, and immigration. We had to get to a bank to exchange US dollars for our new currency – the Vatu. We had to pay fees for some clearance.

Now we are going to get more than three hours of sleep at one time and relax for the night. Tomorrow, we'll hit the local fresh fruit and veggie market and restock on fresh goods. After 24 days the boat is a bit bare.
More on this interesting country and its history in a future log. For now, we are grateful to be at anchor and not in rain gear waiting to wake up the other person for their watch!

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