Friday, November 7, 2014

The Weather Waiting Game

We are wanting to start our trip to New Zealand – though it is still quite chilly there – but the weather systems are not exactly cooperating. We are still in New Caledonia and everyday – twice a day – we look at the weather forecast for the ocean between here and New Zealand. It is filled with bright colors – that is not a good thing. There seem to be a plethora of fronts, ridges, troughs, lows and highs creating squash zones, tropical depressions off Fiji and you name it! Nothing that makes you want to pull away from the safety of the lagoon and head into the ocean blue at this point. We will wait – and hope things settle a bit. Perhaps next weekend there might be an opportunity to move – but that's a long way off and things are so unsettled weather-wise that it's too far to guess. We're at least not alone, our friends from Gypsea Heart are still nearby (and we have enjoyed many fun evenings with them), plus we have Pete on Rapaki, Harley on Kailani plus many other boats waiting for a window to NZ (Kahia, Distracted, Another Adventure....)

For now we are getting projects done and enjoying walking around. The weather here has been a bit damp the last few days. It is a holiday weekend in New Cal – Armistice Day so government offices are all closed from Friday afternoon until next Wednesday. We'll probably do some exploring in Noumea – including the aquarium and a few of the museums.

Plus we'll keep praying to the weather gods.

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