Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

Another year is under the ever-expanding belts – welcome to 2015. We hope you all celebrated in the way you most enjoyed – an early bedtime, watching the incredible fireworks over Sydney like some of our friends, or like us, in the company of good friends sharing stories, laughs and many glasses of bubbly. We actually all made it to midnight – and not cruisers' midnight but the real one – and enjoyed the time aboard "Gypsea Heart" with a dozen folks (thank goodness for catamarans!). We also cheered in a new year for Michelle from "Citrus Heart" who had a birthday just past midnight!

The next day was a slow one aboard Astarte – bubbles on the brain! But projects began again in earnest with Michgael tackling the exhaust mixing elbow. He had already completed the re-wiring of the starter and battery runs with better wire. The problem with the starter seems to have come down to a bad starting battery – so it looks like we'll be replacing all our batteries. Ouch! We also worked on our answers to some questions from Ocean Navigator for their upcoming annual "Ocean Voyager" issue (look for it in February).

We bought a new computer on "boxing day" (the day after Christmas – and big sales here). So getting that up and running and all the programs installed has been a big project as well. It has eaten up lots of data (which we buy by the byte!) We got the new computer just in time as the old Acer has finally packed it in. Not bad though after it was diagnosed as "on its last legs" two years ago!!!!

We enjoyed a movie night as well this past week – something we haven't done for a VERY long time. We saw "Water Diviner" which was appropriate to see in NZ.

We continue to load down Kathryn and Mark with stuff to bring us...and are looking forward to their visit. We are hoping now to meet them in Auckland to save some travel time for them – and are keeping our fingers crossed that a marina spot will open up. We're certain they don't want to play "where in the world is Astarte" when they arrive!
Happy New Year to all – we wish you a very happy year ahead filled with health and joy. Remember to have some adventure in your life – of the good kind. Love each other. Peace.

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