Saturday, February 7, 2015

Awaiting Our Guests

Astarte has safely arrived at Pier 21 in Auckland from Kawau and is getting her final clean-up for Kathryn and Mark who arrive on Monday afternoon (if all their flights and connections work!) We had a lumpy motor-sail for the 30 mile trip as the wind was right on the nose – on every leg. It seemed whichever way our course took us, the wind would also turn so we would be right into it. We did tack to try to keep the main pulling...but it was a slow trip. Upon arrival at the marina, Pier 21, a first visit for us, we were lucky to have Jan and Jack from "Anthem" around to tell us where our slip was and help grab the lines. That evening we enjoyed a reunion with them over a few beers.

The last few nights at Kawau in Schoolhouse Bay was a bit blustery and we were glad we were in good holding. We did have a French-flagged boat anchor a bit on top of us making it a bit more stressful than it should have been. But, overall it was a good stopover to get the cleaning done. Astarte is looking pretty.

As this is being written, Michael is topsides giving the decks a good wash-down thanks to a hose and freshwater! They haven't been done for quite some time and we got a good salt water spray soaking on our trip to Auckland yesterday. Some laundry was done this morning and a provisioning run will be made this afternoon to pickup fresh fruit, veggies and breads. A fish market run tomorrow should complete the last of the foodstuffs before we bus to the airport to meet our guests.

The weather unfortunately doesn't look great for the first part of the week – but we hope to take off Tuesday morning. The wind direction will determine where we head and how far.

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