Monday, February 8, 2016

Sue in the Southern Hemisphere

Our guest has arrived...let the fun begin (or continue). She survived the long flight, over the equator into the southern hemisphere and then across the date line losing a day. After a bit of airport confusion (Barbara didn't see her come through the arriving visitors line) we made it back to introduce her to "Astarte" and her cozy accommodations. After a bit of brunch, fish shopping (purchasing a hapuka filet) then some provisioning we went back to pop the welcome to "En-Zed" cork of NZ sparkling wine. Sue was a sport staying up the entire day.

Bright and early the next morning (Monday), Waitangi Day holiday weekend in NZ, we were off to the Hauraki Gulf – destination Waiheke Island. We were escorted out by three large Royal New Zealand Navy ships (well sort of – we had to get out of the channel for them). The wind was right on the nose so we motored the 15 miles to Putiki Bay where we dropped the anchor amidst many moored local boats. Sue has yet to experience "sailing." We did get to see lots little blue penguins on the short trip.

We enjoyed a dinghy exploration of Osten and Shelly bays and got out for a short walk. Then back to the boat to unscrew a bottle of NZ red.

Today, Tuesday, we are off to a Waiheke wine tasting tour.

Next entry from our guest ...woohoo.
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