Thursday, March 17, 2016

Barbara Back Aboard

The Astarte crew is reunited after a month apart...and both parties are happy. Plus our guest Tom is an added benefit. It was a great visit to the states even with all its craziness. And with this election, that is an understatement! But I (Barbara) was happy to see my mom, sister and brother-in-law, niece and nephews and my friends in New England and Portland. It was a treat to visit with everyone and share some fun times. I even reconnected with some colleagues from way back and that was great. Thanks to everyone for their incredible hospitality with rides, cars and their time.

I also had the privilege of sharing our adventure with the third and fourth graders in Westford, MA in a presentation my sister arranged. It was fun and their attention, questions and laughter was awesome. Thanks to Westford School for the opportunity to do a presentation – it was a step into my past life!

Now back in New Zealand, it isn't as warm as when I left. It is starting to be autumn here and the days are getting shorter and certainly cooler. But it is wonderful to be back aboard with the captain and back in my own space. The trip was actually quite comfortable (thanks to Michael for getting me an upgrade woo-hoo).

We get to enjoy Tom's company a few more weeks and we hope to get away to one or two islands in the Hauraki Gulf...though the weather isn't cooperating much. It is a bit squally now and there is some big stuff predicted for next week. But we'll see. Because it is Easter weekend coming the hot spots will most likely be quite crowded.

Tom and Michael did some exploring while I was gone heading to one of our favorite spots – Kawau Island. Tom bobbed about in Bob (the kayak) and took a swim (not by choice). They did some walking ("up Mount Kilamanjaro," according to Tom). And spent some time in the KBC (Kawau Boating Club). I think that involved drinking beer!

But all is good on Astarte. The boys did do a lot of projects including putting on the new Rocna anchor – an upgrade for us in weight. They also did some top of mast and mainsail roller furler maintenance, wind generator greasing, hose clamps replacements,hatch repair, winch cleaning and other projects.

Now we'll enjoy our time with our friend Tom and before you know it we'll be getting ourselves and Astarte ready for the next adventures in the islands – we're thinking Fiji for this coming season.
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