Sunday, April 17, 2016

Muddy Waters

Saturday night and Sunday was wet and windy in Great Barrier. We remain in Kaiaraara Bay coming up with indoor boat projects and reading. The wind was a steady 20 out of the northeast with gusts a bit higher. The rain almost filed our near empty water tanks. That was a good thing because there is no way to make water, the water maker is working fine – its just that the water in the bay is like coffee with a bit of milk. It is very, very muddy with logs and debris floating in it. The river that we are near is carrying all the mud from the slopes and what may have been a few mud slides (or slips as they are called here).
Guess those old kauri dams that we hiked to see don't work too well! It is certainly not as pretty here as it was on the beautiful sunny days with bright blue skies. We are well protected here for now – the winds were out of the east/northeast so this was a good spot. Late yesterday afternoon – everything just died. The wind stopped and we only got brief showers now and then. Guess the front passed – and that meant for a much calmer night of sleep without anchor watches.

This morning (Monday) the winds are supposed to pick up again to the low 20s and switch to the southwest. Haven't seen it yet and hope we don't. The spot we are in should still be okay, if not we will move someplace else for better protection. After the southwesterlies end it is supposed to be back to Northeast. The seas are said to be 2.5 to 3 meters (that's 10 feet!) so we won't be moving anywhere far for a few days. We don't see any swell where we are currently anchored.

We are looking at moving back towards Whangarei late in the week so we can start on the final preps to leave NZ. For now its lots of indoor boat projects, some writing, some reading and lots of "napping for peace."
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