Saturday, September 10, 2016

Preps for Guests

Before the log entry – a few housekeeping notes on the pictures and website. No thanks to Google who have stopped supporting the picture posting/sorting program Picassa which we have used. So we must now find a new way to post our pictures. Michael is experimenting with a few new ways – and not having fun in the process. So please be patient if you can't find pictures on the site. Or if you have options or ideas, please let us know. He is now trying Flickr. Also he has (we think) updated the "where are we" links so they should take you to the YIT site where we post our positions. Let us know if you have ideas or issues...we want to make the site convenient.

We are excited about having visitors to Fiji in one week. It means showing them a small portion of a very beautiful group of islands. It also means that SV Astarte gets all spiffed up. Some folks do spring cleaning, we do "visitor cleaning." That process is underway. We are also re-provisioning the boat and in this case it means testing out some items in advance to see if they are "guest-worthy." We can eat just about anything! The boat has been re-fueled with diesel and we'll top up the gasoline just before they arrive. The water maker filters have been cleaned. Finding homes for all the stuff in their berth and head is the largest problem but we'll sort that a little closer to their arrival so we don't have to climb over stuff for quite as long.

We have a few options for places to go scoped out – but that will all depend on the weather. We hope that the sun will be shining for their visit and the winds will be in the right direction to get us to a few places. We want enough breeze to keep the comfort level high and the roll aboard low. The weather the last few days has been very windy offshore and quite cloudy and drizzly. It is that irritating rain that forces you to close the hatches and gives you a wet bottom in the dinghy but doesn't fill the water tanks.

Also check out the September issue of "Ocean Navigator" - Barbara has another article published.
At 9/10/2016 10:00 PM (utc) S/V Astarte was located at 16°46.64'S 179°19.93'E

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