Friday, May 5, 2017

The Same Old Story

Waiting for weather. That is the mode aboard Astarte right now. Waiting and watching the ever changing weather patterns. We were all set to leave this weekend for Fiji – but then this late tropical cyclone "Donna" kicked up between Vaunuatu and New Caledonia. And because these systems can change their minds without a thought to the cruising sailboats out there – we chose to not take that window and wait. We are in good company as the boats are piling up here in Whangarei as well as in Opua – all waiting for the weather to dash north out of what is getting to be a very cold New Zealand.

We awoke to 45 degree (F) this morning and winter is definitely coming here. Have to go and buy an extra blanket today! Hopefully we will be able to leave next weekend but with the systems changing so quickly – we can't make that call yet. We are pretty much ready to go – fueled and provisioned up – just the last minute breads and veggies for the passage. We may head down towards Marsden Cove later in the week to be ready to check out and leave.

For now we are just getting little projects done.

Buy your May/June copy of "Ocean Navigator" today. We have another article in it!

Start wishing for good weather for us.
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