Friday, May 27, 2011

Fueling Up for Moving On

The guests have gone (so sad) and now it's time to head south out of the hurricane zone and to get Astarte and us to Panama. We made the move from West End to French Key Harbour where we enjoyed another fun day with our friends Honoree and Walt from "Will o' the Wisp". Then on Wednesday we made the slow slog into the wind and waves to Guanaja and settled into El Bight. Here we will fuel up for the 600 mile trek to Panama. We also need to clear out of Honduras and pick up the fruit, veggies and bread for the trip south. We are hoping we can make it without any stops, but it all depends on the weather conditions We don't carry enough fuel to motor all the way and the prevailing winds will mean we have to motor a good portion of the trip. The first leg is pretty east/southeast which is where the winds come from this time of year. Once we reach Providencia, we'll have a better angle to Bocas del Toro, Panama – and hopefully enough wind to sail. We may have to stop and fuel up in Providencia which we hope we don't have to do for several reasons. It will mean having to clear in there (expensive); the fuel is all bio-diesel (our old engine isn't fond of that) and it means we motored the whole way (noisy and expensive). But we'll see. We have to get to Panama sooner than later. It looks like Tuesday or Wednesday might be days we can leave (lighter easterlies than normal – flatter seas).

In the meantime we like Guanaja except for the no-see-ums which seem to have evolved to come out even in a good stiff breeze. Jumping in the water is a good solution (except when you're trying to sleep).

We're getting a few projects done while we wait for a weather window. Michael worked on the wind generator yesterday (thanks for the new foam insulation Jim E.) and Barbara's prepping meals for the passage. We'll do some stainless polishing as well and if we get some much needed rain (haven't seen any rain for a month or more), we'll get some cleaning done.

But its he weather waiting game for now.

Best wishes to Barbara's mom – she broke her arm the other day and want her to know we're thinking of her everyday.

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