Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun with Jim

It was great fun having Jim Eady here for a visit. We had hoped he would break our fishing curse – but it still lingers. Even with a fishing tournament that ended with a tie – zero to zero – we did have a great time.

Jim managed to get in the water everyday and saw many a fish, shark, eel, and ray. The last day he found this hole covered by two large conch shells and when he pulled on one of the shells – it pulled back. He pulled again, and won the battle with an octopus behind the shells. It was a good size octopus and didn't seem intimidated by us. When we replaced the shells, he grabbed them and repositioned them to his liking. It was quite cool. Jim is a good fish spotter.

The last few days in West End were filled with daily snorkels to one of our favorite spots known as the "Blue Channel." It is like swimming in an aquarium – but with lots and lots of very large fish, especially groupers. We roamed around the little town and had some local eats, a nice dinner and a few brews.

Jim was a great boat guest and has an open invite to return. Hope he could relax a bit from his hectic work schedule. He can rest up now from all the workouts we put him through – hiking, swimming, lion fish hunting, snorkeling, and lifting that dinghy up and down.

Now we look for a weather window to head back south. Perhaps later this week.

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