Saturday, July 14, 2012

Boat Bound on Bastille Day

The weather has been awful! The wind has been howling over the hills of Huahine for four days. It is blowing constantly and gusty. There is a French boat anchored very close to us (he snuck in when we went on our hike) and of course, he's not on the boat. So we get to watch his boat swing near us and we have to listen to his very noisy wind generator's high pitched scream in the wind. Luckily, our anchor is quite secure (or so we hope) after all these days of heavy wind. The rain also comes in annoying cycles – not enough to collect – just enough to have to close the windows. Between turning on and off the wind generator (too much wind causes it to overheat) and opening and closes the hatches, we are busy!!!

The bad news is that we are boat bound. It is not prudent to leave the boat for any length of time. We did go over to a neighboring boat for sundowners and enjoyed that evening. And yesterday afternoon we had company. Bruce swam over from "Adventure Bound" and Chris rowed over from "Ladybug" and we enjoyed their company over tea and treats.

Otherwise we are simply reading, doing a few projects and doing anchor watch. We had hoped for some Bastille Day celebrations in the town of Fare. We don't even see the outriggers gathering for races – but perhaps later in the day.

Happy Bastille Day

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