Thursday, July 5, 2012

Repairs and Errands

Repairs and Errands

We had a successful day yesterday getting lots of little projects completed. First thing in the morning, we met our agent and received our "clearing out of country" papers. The agent was very efficient and between the discount on fuel and all the legwork – it was worth the money. After that was completed, we journeyed into town and the industrial section again (now that we had located everything) and picked up our welded part (it was ready on time!). We also found some 4200 caulk (it was outrageously priced in some chandlers – as much as $40 US for a small tube); - but at this one spot it was more in the $20 range. We also went to the duty free store called Kim Wa. Here you can buy some duty free wines, they get delivered to your boat in a few days and you cannot open them until you are out of the country. You have to provide all kinds of paperwork for the privilege of spending money. We did buy some French wines at really good prices and they will be delivered on Friday.

We had another good walk and came home tired. It didn't feel like the 4th of July!

Today, (Thursday), Michael installed the repaired autopilot part (which meant cleaning out the lazarette yet again). The freezer got defrosted and we'll do some last minute provisioning. The plan is to depart Papeete, Tahiti on Saturday and head to Huahine (an all day and overnight trip). Friday we'll get our wine delivery and have to store it so we don't drink it until we reach the Cooks.

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