Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day Three to NZ

We are into the third travel day to NZ, but have less than 200 miles under our belt. The first two days provided either some great sailing or some annoying drifting. The good news is that the seas are quite comfortable so far – and we are now on a reach – Astarte's favorite point of sail. We had some downwind sailing in very light wind yesterday so we even tried our drifter (a type of sail for you non-sailors). But the winds were even too light to keep that light sail filled – so we doused it and drifted for several hours.

Then the weather reports started to come in about a nasty low forming somewhere out there. It seems the weather authorities from various continents can't agree on where. At one point, we thought it best to turn around and head back...and then another report came in and said it would be worse back in Tonga where some predictions have it forming. The anchorage we thought about heading towards would not be a good place. So we chose instead to continue onward. So send all those good thoughts our way...

We have made good time in the last day and that seems key – making some southing and some westing. Its a beautiful sunny day and we are enjoying one of those fabulous sailing days.

To track where we are – remember to go to the "where are we" page. Michael updates those positions more often than we write logs while underway. So you can track our progress.

We are traveling with our friends aboard "Superted" and "Victory" - but they are much larger and faster boats – so after a few days they will be well ahead of us! We have lots of contact with other boats as well on the various radio nets. Plus, there is still enough of a nice moon to get some light in the late night.

All is well aboard.

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