Friday, November 2, 2012

New Zealand Bound

We're off! But not very fast! We left this morning, Friday, November 2 to make our way to Opua, New Zealand. We may (but more likely will not) stop at Minerva Reef. We had planned on leaving tomorrow – but a weather forecast this morning encouraged us to get going sooner to get ahead of some bad weather predicted for Fiji starting on Wednesday. This low will move southeast and potentially cross our path – so we hope to get more miles behind us in the hopes of missing it entirely or at least minimizing its impact. We had been prepping the boat over the last week – and felt very ready to go with only the last deck preps and below decks storage. We had done a lot of cooking in advance; a good deal of packing and storing of bits and pieces; and, cleaned most of the bottom.

So we raised the anchor from the very lovely island of Nomukuiki where we had spent several very enjoyable days. There was a beautiful beach, some nice snorkeling and the good company of our friends. More on that stop later (including the trick or treaters we had on Halloween!) – but for now we just wanted to let everyone know we are underway.

We hope everyone survived the horrible Hurricane Sandy/Nor'easter combo in the states. Now we hope for weather much more sedate – with just enough wind to keep our progress ahead of the storms.

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