Thursday, May 30, 2013

In the Water...FINALLY!

After six months in the cold waters of New Zealand and then a week in a busy bay, we finally donned the fins and masks and got in the water here in Dakanuba. It was a bit murky from all the big seas churning things up and rain (lots of rivers with silty run-off). But even though visibility wasn't crystal clear, it was a great snorkel with lots and lots of beautiful fish and coral to look at. We tried two different places and if the weather settles, we can't wait to get back to the last place we tried near the outside reef. That area was simply an aquarium with so many different and colorful fish it was hard to see everything. The water was warm enough to swim in light wetsuits or simply bathing suits.
We have been enjoying our mahi over the last several nights. Chapter 2 shared their caught mahi with us prepared in a tasty traditional Fijian way. The locals in this bay are very friendly and we have not had to do "sevusevu" here. One of the local men brought out a large bag of passion fruit, papaya and hot peppers for all the boats here to share.
It has been cloudy and rainy, so Michael took on a sewing project replacing his chart table seat cushion cover. Plus he made a cockpit pillow filled with "styro beads" so it will be water resistant. While he was busy with these projects, Barbara headed to Superted for a good game of Mahjong with Jean, Monique and Karen – so no "mini-me's" were needed as we had four players.
This is a nice bay but now we have to have the weather settle to move on.

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