Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Purr of the Perkins

The Perkins 4108 (known as "Carl" aboard Astarte), is purring like a contented kitten. It is back up and running, and after its first two hour test run, not leaking oil! That is great news and means we are now officially looking at a weather window to head to Fiji. The "solent" stay is also installed (this is a spare "moveable" stay so we can fly our storm jib). Now hopefully we will never need it! The mechanics bill was paid (ouch), the rigging bill is paid (ouch) and a last provisioning run was made. Now the wait for the best leave date (before our immigration expires).

Our friends of Superted V and Victory have had a rough passage – Matt and Jean had 50 knots of wind and big seas. They are getting close to Fiji and for their sake, we hope they arrive in a day or so. They did the trip in 8 days which is quite impressive – though because they are so fast, they hit a very low low that had formed near Tonga.

We are hoping for a Monday leave date. Chapter 2 left this past Monday and are having a good trip so far.

So now we wait for weather and continue to tidy, store stuff and get the boat (and us) ready for the passage to Fiji. Barbara is cooking and baking for offshore meals and snacks. Michael is completing all kinds of checks of wires, hatches etc. The "Drifters" radio net has already officially begun and Michael is net controller for several days. So we are getting in the passage mode.

Still to finish – laundry!

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