Thursday, March 19, 2015

Progress...sort of!

First – this year's "Ocean Voyager" Magazine is out – it is the annual ocean cruising edition from "Ocean Navigator." Get your copy early as it will be a sell-out!!! The crew of Astarte is featured in the magazine. We haven't seen it yet – but are anxious to get our hands on a copy. It will probably be more interesting to read than our log from the boat yard! But you get that too!

Life in the yard on the hard is indeed hard! We are making progress, albeit slowly. Yesterday, we had the mast put back on the boat so we are no longer a trawler and back to being a sailboat. It went smoothly and has a new head stay, new VHF coaxial cable and all new wire for the lights. Plus all the stainless bits and pieces are bright and shiny after polishing. Mathew, the rigger here is incredible – and we hear quite the man in demand. He is a very understated, quiet guy but he sure knows his stuff. We heard that he has been the rigger for America's Cup Boats, Volvo Around the World racers and sailed on many himself. Can't ask for better experience than that!

The cockpit floor is making some progress as well. It is now installed and hopefully leak proof. Michael did a great job sourcing and putting together the new boom car and track set-up for our in- mast furler. It is just awaiting the new car being shipped from the states.

On the downside, we started to paint the bottom this morning, and after a short bit of painting, we noticed the new paint bubbling and not sticking. Not a good sign for bottom paint! We are using the same brand we put on two years ago...and the time before that. But there is something not working right. Michael had called the rep prior to purchasing the paint to make sure it was still okay to put it over the old paint and we got the okay! Now we have to wait until Tuesday (it is Friday here) until a rep from the paint company comes and takes a look So painting is on hold – and unfortunately it looks like perfect weather this weekend to get it done.

We continue to move forward on all the other little jobs – installing the new Pactor modem we just purchased; hooking up the new antennae for wifi; painting the cockpit table; installing the new bilge pump under the cockpit floor; re-installing the pedestal, compass and steering system; getting the throttle rehooked; remarking the anchor chain; and lots more little things. The painting is the last of the big projects.

Back to work....

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