Friday, April 3, 2015

Still Ground Bound

We had hoped to be back in the water by Easter – but that didn't happen. Easter weekend is big in New Zealand – it is sort of their last summer fling before Fall sets in. They take a four day weekend so most businesses are closed – including the yard. The travel lift sits idle and it is pretty quiet in the yard today (Good Friday). The "yard community" are still here and many are still working diligently on their boats. The Italian is atop his mast yelling orders in Italian down to the foredeck...amazing he can use his hands even while at the top of the mast! The Swiss are scraping the bottom of their keel making an ungodly screeching noise. The big British aluminum boat (that had a patched hole because it hit an iceberg in the Antarctic) came to borrow some sand paper not realizing all the stores would be closed today. The Kiwi next to us is putting on another coat of bottom paint. The Americans on the Shannon are still varnishing the toe rail.

Work goes on here on Astarte as well. Michael completed buffing the entire hull – and now is back at it . . . waxing. He will have very sore arms when this is all done but boy does it look good. Barbara worked on hand buffing the water line and got half the boat done. We're trying to get the old "Astarte" name off (what takes adhesive off the gel coat?) so we can put the new one on (still "Astarte" as designed by good friend Tim Strong). We now have three coats of bottom paint on the boat and will be in the slings next weekend to get the centerboard done. The list of projects is getting smaller and lots of things are completed. We keep adding to the list – so there is no rest here. Can't wait to get in the water again to get some rest.

Did manage a fun evening out last night with some friends that were part of the "class of 2012" (the year we all crossed the Pacifc together.) Got a lift in with Sue and Bob on Mawari who we hadn't seen in a few months. Went out for "two fer" burgers and met up with Bob and Anne on "Charisma" and Ken and Beth on "Eagle's Wing." It was a very fun social evening catching up with everyone's activities. Many had just returned from weeks in the South Island and that has made us know we have to get there at some point.

Doing this log entry has gotten me out of sanding the cockpit table...but better get on to that project!

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