Monday, June 6, 2016


While we were offshore for those few exciting days - we did get to see some cool things. Early on as we were just departing, we had a lovely pod of dolphins with us for several hours, playing in the waves and wakes. They weren't terribly acrobatic but they were immensely loyal staying nearby and checking us out.

Then there were the rainbows...everywhere. Because of the squalls, the air was moist enough, but we also had a fair amount of sun creating lots and lots of rainbows. A few were picture perfect. They were the perfect rainbow shape and we saw the entire bow touching the water on both ends. Some were intensely bright and others faded into the clouds. But it seemed for awhile wherever we glanced, a rainbow greeted us.

Whales were spouting in the distance at one point as well. They were a bit off, but we could see there spouts despite the rough water. No identification could be made – but we knew they were out there.

The big sight though was on the Thursday. This was the day we were facing very large seas and big wind. We were both out in the cockpit and it was still light out. Out of one of the large five meter waves, came this massive creature flying through the air. It was less than 100 meters from the boat and it was going in the same direction as Astarte. It was a giant male Orca whale with a huge fin and beautiful and distinct markings on its very large body. After it landed, it leapt through the next wave repeating its magnificent performance. Then we looked at each other and thought, eeek...that was close! But wow was that something to see. Then we watched as three orcas (one quite small one) turned around and surfed off the waves. They looked like they (unlike us) were having a blast in the big seas and wind. They were orca "surfer dudes!"

IF we had a camera, this video would have been watched by millions! It was the most amazing sight we had seen. But alas, no camera in hand. It was incredible that this hulk of a creature could get so airborne so gracefully and not just once, but two times.

Not sure if we can say that the sights of our short "boomerang" trip were worth the anxiety and cost...but at least it was some payment!
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