Saturday, August 6, 2016

Bad Weather in Kia

The predicted troughs, fronts, lows etc. seem to have gotten here. We got some torrential rain this morning – enough to fill a water jug in less than a half hour! The wind direction keeps shifting and being among the coral bommies makes that a bit nerve-wracking. We did re-anchor yesterday after another snorkel to look at the anchor. We feel we are better set now as Michael watched the anchor dig into the sand during the process. It's just the changing directions and the swell that is making it uncomfortable. We won't be going ashore today.

Yesterday though was a busy social day here. A boat filled with kids came by and simply tied up to us and the kids climbed aboard It was actually pretty funny as they were trying to scramble aboard before we even got their boat tied off and gave permission. There were five young boys and Tom, who had been cutting wood on the other side of the island for cooking. Then Save swam out to the boat and we visited for quite some time. Michael had also gone ashore earlier to help Save fix some battery connections and a small generator.

Later we went back ashore for a photo session with Save's family. We brought a few small things for the kids and Emily and some reading material and reading glasses for Save It was the cookies though that were the highlight! We enjoyed a fresh papaya just off the tree and some more information about Kia and the local fishing business. It was very interesting. Today with the weather, we will sit (or roll) aboard.

We have been lucky to see two green flashes at sunset in a row. But none tonight with this weather! Unfortunately these conditions will probably persist over the next few days as it isn't just one system, but a few back to back.
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