Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rain, Rain, Rain.

And more rain. It has been several days of non-stop rain. A steady filling of water jugs and the water tank, cleaning of hoses, decks, dinghy and being boat bound has been the order of the day for the last several days. We are in a lovely spot and the scenery is nice even though we sit aboard and watch the rain. We did explore the small island nearby prior to the rain starting. It was a good exploration as tide was low and we could make it to two different islands off the bay here. We saw a new variety of eel/sea snake that was very interesting, some strange bright yellow-clawed hermit crabs, aggressive red crabs and a few beautiful shells (a murex that is a definite keeper!)

After we returned to the boat the rain started. During one break, Michael went to the village to try to find our "hosts" Freddy and Sara to invite them out to the boat. He was met by all the kids playing in the water and ended up ferrying a few of the boys out to a great bamboo "Huck Finn" raft. They would swim out to the raft dive off, paddle it around and just enjoy playing. These kids love to laugh and are very curious about us. Whenever we go in, by the time we return to the dinghy, they have pulled the anchor up and repacked it and have the dinghy all ready for us to simply hop in and then they pull us out over the shallows. Michael couldn't find our hosts, so we didn't have company (which was probably good as it soon started to rain non stop and it would have been too wet to sit outside and too hot below!)

We will be here until the clouds lift as we do need decent visibility to get through the reefs and around the top of Vanua Levu. We are in the northwest corner of the island and will soon start making our way south along the western side. Then it will be the tough trip around the corner and dead into the trades and currents as we head back to Savusavu.

For now, we will simply enjoy this bay and hope that all the wet stuff starts to dry out!
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