Friday, September 30, 2011

The Bocas Experience

We've been hanging out in Bocas del Torro now for a few months. We traveled to the states and safely kept the boat moored here and now we're getting back into organizing Astarte and ourselves for the next leg of the adventure. Meanwhile, we're enjoying the archipelago. Yesterday (Thursday) we moved into Porras Lagoon (also known as Dolphin Bay). It wasn't a long journey from Palos Lagoon (aka the DarkLands or Tierra Oscura or Laguna Palos). We're now anchored in a lovely bay near with the mainland of Panama on one side and an open bay dotted with little magrove islands on the otherside.

We came here because the little town of Buena Esperanza had a "diaz de campesino" or farm day. Unfortunately, we missed the main event (it happened earlier than our hostess thought). The kids put on a little pageant and they crowned a king and queen (elementary school kids). The king is selected by popular vote, the queen gets crowned because she collects the most firewood. Hmmm...what's wrong with that? But there were little booths with some local crafts and food as well. It was an interesting little local Indian community.

We also had the pleasure of getting invited to Camrykaland owned by Mary and Carl. It is a lovely home in the hills owned by sailboat cruisers (their boat Camryka sits in the bay here). We had a lovely potluck up at their home last night and it was really wonderful. Two howler monkeys were in trees very close to the porch where we were sitting outside, so you could really see them – and they were very active. There was also a sloth (two toed we think) in a nearby a tree and he was also active (for a sloth that is!). Their home is very pretty and the company was wonderful – nine of us from boats and nearby properties. We'll head up the hill again today to take advantage of some fresh wild lemons that are in full bloom and take another look at all the beautiful plants and flowers.

We helped another cruiser move her boat from Red Frog marina to Tierra Oscura where she's housesitting (her husband is working in the states). It was a lovely day to move and we got to take it through what's known as "the gap" between Solarte and Bastiamentos islands. That's a very narrow cut between the islands and a shortcut.

Swimming is a bit difficult lately as there are lots and lots of jellyfish in the water. Some are the harmeless moon jellies, but unfortuantely others are the ones with the toxic tentacles. So we haven't done much swimming. We did another hike on the Jackson Finca with some friends from "Adancara" and really enjoyed that – learning more about some of the local flora.

Barbara also enjoyed another afternoon of mah jong and we had another Sunday afternoon at Rana Azuls. So the social life in Bocas continues while we are doing research on getting a new shaft made and a haul-out planned. Michael is also reading a lot of Pacific cruising guides and getting excited about the next adventure.

We'll continue to explore the Bocas area and then move on to get the new shaft made and installed and then the next leg of the adventure will begin.

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