Sunday, September 18, 2011

Empty Berth

Tom has left the good ship Astarte and should be arriving back in Portland, OR today (Sunday). We enjoyed our time with him and now have to get back to work getting Astarte back in shape.

Bocas Town was packed this weekend because of their annual Sea Fair. We decided that after dropping Tom at the airport and seeing him off, a quick pick-up of a few items, and a dinghy trip back to the boat, we would head out of town and back to Terra Oscura. Last night, we had a big thunder shower with good rain collection but lots of scary lightning. The repaired watermaker still needs to be reinstalled so collecting rain is a priority – especially because we have lots and lots of laundry to get done.

Sunday's in Terra Oscura usually means a trip to Rana Azul (Blue Frog). It is a great little restaurant that serves a Sunday dinner or brick oven pizza. We'll probably take advantage of it after some morning cleaning and organizing. We get the "laundry room/wet locker" back (also known as: forward head). And we get the garage back (V-berth). And in the end that means the salon area, aft cabin and aft head also get cleared out. That will be today's project then the reward of dinner out and if the rain holds off, a swim.

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