Sunday, September 11, 2011

Long Absence

We are back! Barbara and Michael are finally back on Astarte and after much cleaning and fixing stuff(mostly Barbara), things are getting back to normal. We were back in the states for visits and some work(Michael). We will fill in more details as we get back into the routine.

Our very, very good friend Tom is visiting and having a great time, in spite the heat and humidity for a "temperate zone boy"! We have had some "communication" issues and apologize for not keeping up to date after we returned. As soon as the repaired SSB gets installed, we should be fully back up to speed.

We hope to head off to Terra Oscura today and have a meal at Rana Azul and then take a walk in the next few days at the finca we visited before we left Astarte.

All is good and it is great to be back aboard.

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