Sunday, January 8, 2012

Boat Units

There is the US economy. There is the European economy. There is the world economy. And, there is the Astarte economy. Every economy is based on a unit of currency whether a dollar, a euro or gold. On Astarte, we call them "boat units.(BUs)"
When we look at what something will cost, we decide how many "boat units" it will be. A boat unit is roughly equivalent to $100 US dollars. (On some boats it could be equivalent to $1000 or $10- size usually matters in this case!) As we are getting ready for our sail across the Pacific, we are spending many boat units (so you'll see a jump in the international economic outlook.) But what's on our list? Here's the current shopping list for SV Astarte.
1 – Dinghy Outboard and spare parts
for that outboard. (We bought a
Tohatsu 9.8 HP along with a spare
propeller, carb rebuild kit, two impellers, fuel line
fitting, ten spark plugs
and 2-stroke oil)                                                        20 BU
1 – New Head (toilet) for aft (to match forward head) 3 BU
2 – Rebuild kits for toilets                                            1 BU
1 – Foot pump for galley                                             1 BU
1 – Set of sheets (that would line) for the new drifter    2 BU
1 – Lifting tackle line for outboard                             .50 BU
New foam for outdoor cushions                                   1 BU
Fabric to repair dinghy cover                                    .50 BU
Dinghy repair                                                             3 BU
Fishing line, hooks, swivels, etc.                                   1 BU
Batteries (AA, AAA, button)                                    .25 BU
Spotlight                                                                  .25 BU
Various plumbing fittings/spares                                .50 BU
Stove repair parts (We'll see if Force 10 helps us!)     1.5 BU
Various fuel filters, greases oil etc.                              3 BU
Bed sheets, new pillows                                             .5 BU
2 - New frying pans                                                 .25 BU
New lock for new outboard (to be machined)              .5 BU
Total estimated BUs                                              39.75BU(ouch!)
Everyday the list seems to grow as something breaks or we think of something that will be hard to get "out there." Of course the list above doesn't include the paper goods, toiletries, beer and food stores we'll need to cover us for about a year. Panama is much cheaper to get these things than the South Pacific islands – so we will load up here. That list will be posted in mid-February.
And of course there are also the things like teeth cleaning which we did the other day (1 BU). Barbara has to start churning out some articles to get published so we can pay the bills. Carol – you better be ready for one big Visa bill!
Perhaps we need to start the Astarte Pacific Passage Pledge Drive?
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