Monday, January 9, 2012

Vacation Time

Can' t take that much needed vacation? The mean boss won't let you have time off or are you simply a workaholic who is keen to move up in the world? Tired of being cold and tired this winter? Have we got an idea for you!!!

You can take a "Virtual Vacation" aboard S/V Astarte. Cruise the Pacific aboard a Moody 422. Cross the equator. See the Galapagos and the French Polynesian islands. No packing. No TSA hassles. No need to lose those winter pounds. You don't have to learn Spanish or French. No need to get the passport updated. Virtual Vacations does it all for you. Yes, you can come along for just a small percentage of what South Pacific vacation would cost you. You'll get photos to show all your friends and colleagues...and you'll get adventure stories to tell at dinner parties. You'll be on everyone's invitation list!

For costs and more details contact us!

(Hey we have to payoff all those boat units somehow!!)

Enjoy the full moon – howl if you want.

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