Saturday, January 7, 2012

Prepping for the Pacific Passage

Sitting at anchor in Las Brisas off Panama City, we are busy checking items off lists we have compiled over the last few months. How do you get yourselves and a boat ready for months at sea as well as months in islands with few, no, or very expensive supplies? Plus, we've been on the boat, for almost three years now – and unfortunately things are starting to wear out or break. And, we've been using up spares and parts and supplies.

So we start with lists – lots and lots of lists. We read a lot and ask tons of questions to other boaters who've "been there." Lots of our friends who have already made the crossing have sent us their personal "cruising guides" (thanks Otto and Lilli, Chrissy and Dave, Mike and Karen, Jack, Tom and Liz) which have been most helpful with info like - "buy lots of toiletries before you leave Panama they are incredibly hard to find or expensive in the South Pacific."

Everyday we are crossing items off the list as we find them or order them. We have been gifted with a visit by our good friends Lorna and Dave in late January – so they will end up hauling a bag filled with parts and items that we can get more cheaply or more easily in the States. It will be great seeing them and they are saving lots of time by allowing us to go online and order stuff to be sent to them. Plus, because they are coming – it gives us some deadlines to get projects completed so that we can spend time with them visiting the western islands of Panama and the Las Perlas islands.

The new outboard "Jenny-san" is aboard and we have to make new locks for it – the old ones don't quite fit (bummer). Plus, we have to strengthen the wood mount it sits on to make it a tad thicker for the different size screws. Michael's already greased it all up. We have to try to disguise it a bit as well, so it doesn't look quite so new and "tempting" to the less than honest folks. Next is to get an estimate for getting the dinghy "leaks" repaired.

Besides "stuff" we need to get, we are also taking care of things like getting to a dentist for teeth cleaning. Luckily we did our doctors appointments in the states last August. We went to the Clinica Dental de Balboa yesterday and had teeth cleanings and X-rays. No cavities – so that's something off the list. It was $110 for the two of us to get a good cleaning and full set of X-rays and exam. We also get to take our X-rays with us so we have on board.

Over the next few days, we'll share the rest of the "list..."

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