Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Less Than 250 Miles

Day 32 – progress has slowed a bit as the winds die. Unfortunately the seas still maintain the uncomfortable roll no matter what we do with the sails. But we at least we are still moving forward – though at only about 3 knots.

The fishing has also settled down – consistent with the lack of boat speed. But we did enjoy a good run of mahi dinners and have several meals still in the freezer. The day's menu planning goes like this – if we catch a fish before our big meal, that's what we have. If we don't, we punt! Actually we have plenty still left – but most of the meat is frozen.

Our "ad hoc" morning radio net, which is named the POST net (Pacific Ocean Sailing Tribe)is getting smaller as boats that left within weeks of each other are starting to reach their destinations. "Adventure Bound", a Tayana 37 has made it to Pitcairn Island and said its a very cool and friendly place; "Stolen Kiss," "Mary Madeleine," and "Sophie" have all made it to Hiva Oa and most have already departed from there already as well; and, "Wig Wam" and "Viatrix" have made it to Easter Island. We should be the next boat to get to our destination followed by "Namani," "Daramy," "Happy Bird," "Rhapsody," "Katydid" and "Solstice." It is quite an international collection boats and has been fun to hear them on the radio daily with their positions and weather conditions. We have met a few of them, but many we only know via the radio. Michael and Markus from "Namani" (who was one of our line handlers through the Panama Canal) handle the "net control" work and have done a great job. It meets every morning at 1600 Zulu and it provides a nice safety and comfort factor.

Otherwise life at a slant, roll and toss continues. Bread is made; laundry done; fish caught and cleaned; but not many of the big projects we had hoped to accomplish. Oh well...less than 250 miles to go.

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