Friday, April 13, 2012

Mahi Dinner

Things must be getting better aboard Astarte. We caught a nice mahi and cooked him up for dinner. It is still very slow going and we aren't quite halfway there. The sun is out and we are moving ahead slowly in the right direction.

We love the new distance standards. Kathryn tells us we are one Google earth screen through the trip and only one and a half to go. She offers such great positive encouragement (and news updates).

Got some bread made and laundry done and a few odd projects completed. We are either adjusting to the boat's constant roll or we are ignoring it better.

Not much in the way of wildlife sightings lately. We keep looking for whales as some of our friends saw giant grey whales in the vicinity. Because the seas aren't very flat though, it is harder to spot things.

Day 19 - 1484 miles to go.

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