Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Under 1000 Miles To Go

This morning we watched the GPS "distance to destination" field go from 1000 miles to go to 999 to go. That was exciting. It was a squally night but no lightning and nothing to severe – just some rain storms and wind – which we were grateful for. We were making only 2.6 knots until squalls came and we could then get up to 6 knots speed. It was a slow day – we had been doing 100 plus mile days for awhile, but yesterday we didn't quite hit that mark.

The hull is covered with small mussels – this is another reason we are going so slow. We cleaned the bottom completely prior to departing from Galapagos, but it seemed the first several days of slow drifting in nutrient rich water got them established on the hull and they have been happily growing and multiplying since then. It's not calm enough seas for Michael to dive over and do some at sea cleaning (though mussels in marinara sauce - yummy)

But we are making progress across the big Pacific. And we haven't killed each other yet!

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