Friday, August 24, 2012

425 Miles to Go to Niue

So ignore the previous entry...because we finally did leave on Thursday as planned – just a bit later. The weather had cleared enough to get underway and because we had officially cleared out and the weather looked like it would be the same for the next four days – we thought we should just get the anchor up and leave. "Ants, the ranger, brought back the pan from the stew, so it saved us launching our dinghy. Michael dove the anchor and thought it would come up relatively easily (it was hooked on one small edge of a coral), so we got everything stored, tied and secured above and below deck.

Just before noon, we got the anchor up – with a little snag – but it all worked out without too much drama. The sun had come out so we had good visibility to negotiate the reef and pass We made it out the cut under motor and mainsail. Once clear of the reef we shut the motor off and put the headsail out (reefed) and were under way. There were squalls in the area, so we sailed with a double reefed main and a small headsail. The seas were about two meters and coming from two directions so it was somewhat rolly. But we were underway and glad to be moving. We had a few minor showers through the night – but nothing big.

Just after sunrise, FISH ON! Barbara had put out one line after the sun came up and we hooked a very large mahi. It was one of the largest we had caught. A nice big mahi caught and landed before 0830 local time. Cleaned before 0930. It filled the remaining space in the freezer and we'll have a nice mahi dinner tonight (and for many, many nights to come).

Now we just sail and click off the miles. No more fishing – no room in the fridge. Bummer. We think we'll arrive sometime Tuesday to the smallest independent nation in the world and one of the breeding places for humpback whales.

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