Monday, August 20, 2012

The Suwarrow Social Scene

For a remote island in the middle of the Pacific, we've done more partying and socializing than we did in the hip and populated mecca of Bora Bora! This place is really special because so few boats come here and you can only get here by some type of boat So, that when here, you become part of a special "club." Though a record number of boats were at anchor here (21 at one time), it still has that special ambiance of a deserted, or at least remote, island. Last night on the island we built one of those very special memories. There are 15 boats now at anchor from lots of different places. There is a Dutch boat "Victory", a Norwegian sailboat "Flow", Australians aboard "LongYard", and "LaFiesta", Canadians on "Lady Bug", Germans aboard "Moin", a South African/Australian/NZ boat "Adventure Bound", and a group of US boats, many with crew from various places (Argentinians, Aussies, Kiwis etc.). So a wonderful international mix that adds a special flavor to every port. A Saturday night soiree was planned ashore – yes, actually planned more than a day in advance! Michael and Chris from Lady Bug collected firewood from the island all morning, cooks aboard all the boats made sumptuous treats for the potluck, beverages were chilled and fish were caught. A big banner was made that every boat signed to commemorate the record breaking 21 boats and it will hang in the "Suwarrow Yacht Club" (an open veranda ashore). The rangers were in a festive mood as well and Harry, the head ranger did a traditional Cook Island greeting that was quite elaborate and vocal. He and "Ants" the other ranger also played guitar and sang most of the night with some of the boaters dancing to their music which was a blend of traditional Cook Island melodies as well as old rock 'n roll, reggae and shanties. The food was incredible – the best potluck we've ever attended! There were two birthday cakes for those celebrating their special day within a week. The fire kept blazing all night and after the fish was cooked and shared, marshmallows were roasted, and the embers and smoke kept any daring mosquito at bay. The glow of the fire, the music, the laughter, the food, the laughs all made for one of the most memorable nights we've had since cruising. We even managed to stay past cruisers' midnight.

We got soaked heading back to the boat around 10 pm and had a very rock and rolling night because the seas had kicked up and the wind howled staying above 20 knots most of the night. When we came in we didn't go far enough in the lee of the island due to all the boats here and we've been reluctant to move because of all the bommies. So we get rocked pretty good in the swell.

This afternoon we are going to "Victory" for some dominoes because it is just to windy to go snorkeling1 We are starting to look at weather to make our trip to Niue...probably Tuesday.

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