Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swimming in an Aquarium

That's what it's like here in Suwarrow! Yesterday, we went on another snorkel adventure to a spot a few miles away from the anchorage. There are patch coral reefs everywhere within the lagoon and this spot was highly recommended by the advance team on "Chapter Two." Because it was a nice calm and sunny day, several dinghies of snorkelers and some divers headed in the same direction. The area we found was alive with coral, tropical fish and some nice sized groupers. The structures were interesting pinnacles of coral separated by a white sandy bottom. All kind of interesting and colorful fish could be found – especially if you just hovered over one stand of coral and really looked. A "Wedgetail Triggerfish" was the find of the day for Barbara. It was the most exotic looking piece of artwork!

After one spot, we went on to another reef a bit further away and enjoyed another swim in the aquarium-like waters. It really is a treat to see such lovely coral and fish.

Several days ago, we took a trip to a different reef and swam with the most magnificent Manta Rays. We did this twice in Bora Bora, but here, the water was much clearer and the mantas were much larger. There were three putting on quite a show. One was massive – probably reaching 17 or so feet across his wingspan. When they would swim at you with their huge mouths open – it is quite a sight – though a tad frightening. You are glad to know they only eat plankton because it looks like you could easily get sucked into that gaping mouth. The largest was all black with very few markings. Another had a lovely white design on its back and brilliant silver white flaps protruding on the edge of its mouth The last had subtler markings. All were distinct and beautiful in "flight."

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