Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Safely Anchored in Vanuatu

Latitude:29 minutes 14.23 degrees S
Longitude:169 degrees 46.70 E

Tuesday, May 26 we arrived in Aneityum, Vanuatu around 1100. We covered around 1200 miles to get the 992 miles here. We had a bit of everything – no wind, too much wind, great sailing, sailing in the wrong direction, tacking to get back to the right direction, a few squalls, a bad weather day and lots and lots of wave action! It was a good passage for this part of the Southern Pacfic Ocean where you never know what to expect. We hit a few new record sailing days for speed and miles covered on Astarte and had some really enjoyable sailing. We had to motor for 48 hours – but the seas were nice and flat and we had a favorable current for a portion of that motoring time so we made good speed under power.

At sunrise this morning, we saw the island of Aneityum on the horizon and made it in and anchored before noon. There were three other boats in the anchorage (we know two) and it is a pretty spot. Though this island got badly hit by Cyclone Pam just a few months ago, you'd not know it at first glance. We're sure when we go to shore tomorrow, we'll see more damage – but the hillsides are quite green and mst of the houses near the beach have roofs. The nearby school looks in pretty good shape.

Jessie, the local police officer came aboard to tell us we'd have to wait to officially clear in until Saturday. It seems the customs and immigration guy was supposed to be on the plane – but didn't come. He may come on Saturday – but "no problem." We can go ashore and take walks around or do whatever we'd like until they arrive. We had planned to stay here at least a week – so it's fine with us. We'll go ashore tomorrow after a day of cleaning up the boat and ourselves! And getting some much needed sleep.

More later.

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