Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015 Departing NZ

Today we leave Kiwi land and head to Vanuatu. It is a 992 mile passage and should take us a bit over a week if the wind holds and nothing big builds and sneaks up on us. Officer Bruce is on board doing the clearing out dance with us and then we'll pay up for the marina and be off. We are not alone departing New Zealand today. The customs officer was clearing out 20 or so boats today and several left yesteray and more leaving tomorrow. The destinations are varied – we are making our way to Vanuatu..others to Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia or French Polynesia. It will be a traffic jam out there to start and then everyone's boat speed and cruising style takes over and the fleet spreads out.

The good news is there will be lots of folks checking into the various SSB nets – so that will be good. Depending on weather and sea conditions – you may or may not see blog updates. If you want to check our progress – we will be using the website – that stands for Yachts in Transit and is run by Gulf Harbour Radio. Look for Astarte's position.

We hope and pray for a good passage. This is always a tough one – coming to and leaving NZ.

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