Tuesday, May 5, 2015


We are back in Whangarei Town Basin after our adventures on Great Barrier Island. It was good to test all the repairs and remember how to sail.

We had a good sail back from Great Barrier and enjoyed it – timing it so we arrived right as the big wind and seas started. We snuggled into Urquarts Bay for a night and then went into Marsden Cove Marina for the predicted gusts of 50 knots winds. It was gusty and windy and a challenge getting into a downwind slip on the upwind side of the dock. We spent a few days there and then made our way back up the river to the Town Basin where we had hoped to only spend a few days getting the last of our spare parts and provisions. Unfortunately, those few days have now turned into a week and heading on a second week as the weather for a trip in the big salt chuck doesn't look so great for awhile. Folks who left early are getting hammered out there with big winds and big seas and we are grateful not to be amongst them. We'll wait and keep organizing the boat – and using up food and then replacing the supplies.

We have done lots of paperwork getting ready to check out of NZ and check into Vanuatu. Michael also has finally (hopefully) fully solved the starting problem on the Perkins. It seems a replacement battery selector switch was the key. So far so good anyway...we got lots and lots of great advice from Eric on "Sirena," Walter on "Pacific Spray" and Sergio on "Spirare" - what a great boating community – that's an international group of smart folks!

We are getting tired of waiting. It seems more stressful than being really busy.

GOOD NEWS – more pictures are up on the sight – some cool birds we saw in Great Barrier.

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