Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Passage from Panama City to Galapagos
Day Four
Noon, Sunday, February 26, 2012 to Noon, Monday, February 27
Noon Position: N 04.35.32 / W 082.41.93
Distance covered in 24 hours: 76 nautical miles
Distance Covered from Panama City: 387.6 nautical miles
Fish Caught: 0
Motoring: 0 hours
Sailing: 16 hours
Drifting: 8 hours

Now we understand what being in the doldrums means. There is just little to no wind out here and enough swell to cause the sails to collapse. That's not good for the sails nor the rig so when there isn't enough wind to keep the sails filled enough, we resort to pulling in all sails and just drifting with the currents. We did have a few hours of full sails on a broad reach which was wonderful. Then overnight we just drift. We have used the new sail, the A-symmetrical drifter and it works great in the light air. It looks cool too.

Michael went into the deep blue Pacific to check the prop and shaft today. The water was warm and luckily the current and the boat were moving at the same speed. We were becalmed so it was a good time to do it. The good news – there was nothing on the prop or shaft. The bad news – there was nothing on the prop or shaft so we still have to figure out the whining noise.

Thanks Kathryn for the info on "crazy water" - Ed from Avatar isn't giving in though to up-swellings – he still thinks its whale farts. We appreciate the quick effort to get us answers – and it was interesting. There are still some patches of it – but not as many as the first few days.

No fish yet - of course going 2 knots isn't exactly fish catching speed. We continue to hope for wind.

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