Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waiting for Weather

We're still anchored in the Las Perlas off Isla Contadora. We're not alone though – there are lots of boats here waiting for weather to make the move south and west. A few boats we've been following on the radio nets have been becalmed or have wind right on the nose. So we'll wait a few more days and we're making good use of the time with more cleaning and stowing and organizing for the big offshore trip. Michael's been scrubbing the bottom so we go as fast as possible and we've both been unloading every space and reloading it to the max. We usually write down in our "where is it?" book what we end up putting in each place, but we're certain we'll still be looking for things we need.

Unfortunately all the fresh fruit and veggies we bought at the fresh market don't seem to be lasting very long. So, by the time we actually get offshore, we probably won't have anything fresh left. Oh well – that's why we stocked up on so many canned goods.

Michael did put some new photos on – its under "Dave and Lorna visit" and includes a few pics of the fish we caught and some underwater critters.

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